Instant Fix to Slimmer Legs in Photos

We all want to look our best in photos from "head to toe".

For most of us standing with straight legs in front of the camera is NOT the most flattering way to show off slim-looking legs.

So... most of us go to the "one-leg-pop" pose to give our legs a slimmer look. Like below-

In this example she is bending her back leg (or the one farthest away from the camera).

Now this is not "bad" or "wrong" by any means. Her legs still look great and so does she!


The question is:

"Does it really matter WHICH leg is bent?"

Answer: Why yes it does my friend!

Now in this example she is bending her front leg (or the one closest to the camera) instead.

This is ONE change to the exact same pose that instantly slims the appearance of your legs.

That's a big difference!

Take a look at these two poses side by side.

You can really see how the "widest" part of her legs is dramatically smaller than the other.

Here's another "BONUS" pose you can do for slimmer legs

This time she is facing straight toward the camera.

By crossing one leg in front of the other this also gives your legs a slimmer look.

(This time is doesn't matter which one is in front!)

Take one more look at all 3 of these poses together.

While the 1st one is not horrible - the 2nd & 3 slim your legs down much more!

It really is that easy!

Which pose will you do in your next pic?

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